X-Ray Technicians Schools in Connecticut

The applicants interested in building their career in the field of health and medical care as a Radiology technician should move to Connecticut to achieve their goal because there is wide range of x ray technician job opportunities in CT. According to the Labor Statistics Bureau of America, X-ray technicians can expect growth rate of 15% in their jobs each year. The candidates can even pursue the radiology technician program in the state because there are two X-ray technician schools in Connecticut that offer efficient and quality training and they are:

- Quinnipiac University
- University of Hartford

Radiology Technician Program in Quinnipiac University
The Quinnipiac University teaches the use of radiations for analysis of human body. The university offers a 4 year bachelor’s degree program and a 5 year master degree program.


The candidates can choose bachelors of Science in diagnostic imaging to become a radiographer. In these 48 months training programs, candidates are offered knowledge on various subjects including- radiology, radiography and other related studies courses. The applicants are made to perform distinct X-ray skills in the radiology clinics and hospitals.

The applicants are also provided education on various X-ray related topics, like- mammography, bone densitometry, MRI and Sonography in their bachelor’s degree program. In the last year of graduation program, aspirants can select courses on computer science, marketing, science or management to mainly focus on a specific field. On the completion of the graduation, applicants are eligible to appear in the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists certification examination.

The aspirants are required to accomplish bachelor’s degree program in order to get the eligibility to pursue Master of Health Science Radiologist Assistant Degree. In the master degree program, the aspirants are keenly trained to handle the difficult job duties and responsibilities of radiologist assistant.

Apart from these programs there are several other programs that applicants can pursue, such as- radiology technology certificate, MRI certificate and CT certificate.

Job Opportunities and Placement

There are around 2900 active radiology technicians in CT, but these X-ray technicians are not enough toprovide the radiologic services to the huge population of the state and hence, the demand of RTs is high in the state. So, the talented and well qualified candidate can easily find a job of X-ray technician in the nursing settings of the state. The radiologists can work in a varied health care facilities including- hospitals, nursing home, Sonography centers, diagnosis unit, CT scan center, physician’s clinic and many others.

The Ultimate Guide to Phlebotomy Schools and Training Programs

At the moment, there are so many phlebotomy schools which provide training programs for people who intend to enroll for phlebotomy training. Some of the typical programs being offered by such institutions at the entry level last between 2-6 months. But, at the advanced level, individuals can pursue associate degrees which last for 2-4 years. Other than these programs, there are numerous training opportunities availed by vocational training programs and community colleges.

Requirements for Enrollment

In as much as you are eager to find the best phlebotomy schools in your area, you should also take time to understand the entry requirements expected of applicants or prospective students. Check out the specific requirements that apply to each education training program or school. Individuals who already have a high school diploma are good candidates. Besides the credentials, you should determine whether your personality and attributes are in line with that of a phlebotomist.

Phlebotomy Schools

Cost of Phlebotomy Education

Generally, the cost of tuition and phlebotomy training varies from one school to another and from state to state. You will also find that an 8 weeks training module at a community college will much cheaper than pursuing a 4 year quality phlebotomy program offered by an established university or college. The good thing is that the flexibility and organization of phlebotomy certification schools allows one to enroll and train for as less as $500. However, as one progresses to the advanced level of heath care training, the costs of training increases.

Since the field of phlebotomy is highly regulated, it is important to find a school which provides a quality phlebotomy training program. Remember, an accredited college will make it easier for you to get certification and pursue a career as a phlebotomist almost effortlessly. But, you must pass the national examination in this field so that you can graduate upon completion of the phlebotomy course.

How to Find an Radiology Technician Job

Radiology is a technology that helps a physician to visualize the inside of the human body by using a cutting edge imaging methods. The pictures created of any particular body part is then analyzed and hence further used by the physician to diagnose the injury and treat it with precise accuracy. If you are still wondering what an Radiology technician or Radiology technologist do, that’s what exactly they assist in. With the help of some incredible medical machinery, these technicians have a great opportunity to assist and support the patients who are in pain or nervous.

Today there are a wide range of advanced technologies in the hospitals that are used by the Radiology technologists. Some of them being :-

Radiology jobs
• Traditional Radiology machines
• Fluoroscopy
• Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
• Computerized axial Tomography (CT)
• Film and Digital Mammography

However, in order to find an Radiology technician job, one should have a right kind of degree, training and skills in the field.
• An Associate’s Degree in Radiographic Technology is a first step to become an Radiology tech.
• The time period of the course completion may depend upon from school to school, however, some places do offer the course of only one year duration.
• A Bachelor’s Degree one can enhance the chance of a good job opportunity along with better pay.
• Internship while pursuing a degree is also necessary. The number of interning hours also matters to earn yourself a good job.
• A license or a certificate is mandatory in many places to pass you as an Radiology tech.

Necessary skills and traits

Being an Radiology tech is stressful career where one should be comfortable working at odd hours and changing shifts. Along with friendly and outgoing demeanor, the technician should be well versed with the complex machines and at times trouble shooting the minor problems related to them. Creating high quality diagnostic images along with following the physician’s order with great precision is a must. A job where you are on your feet most of the time also requires a good level of stamina and fitness.
Career prospects for Radiology Techs
With ever growing medical field with several advanced technologies, the career prospects in this field are also growing quite fairly. With many great opportunities, the institutes offering the related courses are in much demand and are filling up pretty quickly. Hence, one can say that there is a positive job outlook for Radiology techs in the current time.

Salary Expectations for an Radiology Tech job
As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary an Radiology tech or Radiologic Technologists as they are also referred to may earn salary ranging between $39,840 and $57,940. Somewhat a competitive salary, the earnings for the lowest 10 percent is nearly $32,750 while the highest 10 percent can fetch up to $68,920.

Although a great career awaits you as an Radiology technologist in the medical field, you need to consider all the factors before choosing it as your career option. From being tech savvy and handy with complex machines to working endlessly for hours during odd shifts, you also have to have a right training along with positive attitude. With an incentive of good salary package, the job also asks for great responsibility with fairly good job prospects.